We hope you have a more comprehensive understanding of Hongke through more videos, and Hongke will show you the most real side. Treating customers sincerely is the service standard of Hongke.

HONGKER corporate video

This is a video shot with the official on-site certification of Alibaba’s global wholesale website. The video includes HONGKE’s office environment, sample room, factory, etc.

Injection molding

This is the first step in the production of injection molding video. The materials we currently produce are mainly divided into: PVC, PP, ABS, CPVC, PPR. these 5 materials. And the materials currently used by HONGKE are also produced by the HONGKE material factory. Guarantee the quality of raw materials from the source.

Valve body manufacturing

The second step is the manufacturing process of the ball valve body.
Install the grinder to the machine and put the plastic into the other port of the machine. Operate the machine and the ball valve body is already installed. The production time is very short and very efficient.

Ball valve core installation

The third step is the manufacturing process of the ball valve core. After the ball valve core is manufactured on the machine, the technician will put the ball valve core into the valve body. And use various sizes of fittings to test (whether the size is correct and can fit the fitting mouth).

Handle manufacturing

After the handles have been mass-produced, there will be professionals who will separate the handles one by one and pass them on to the person in charge of the next part. Install the handle onto the ball valve. The purpose of manual editing is to ensure that each ball valve handle has no obvious burrs, and to ensure that no product is of high quality.

Pressure measurement

After each component of the ball valve has been assembled, professional technicians will test the ball valve one by one. The purpose of this step is to detect whether there is a leaking ball valve and remove it in time. Assure our customers of product quality. HONNGKE believes that this is the only way for an enterprise to operate for a long time.

Product packaging

As your supplier of ball valve fittings, HONGKER will provide you with OEM and ODM services. We can customize your own products for you according to the brand you provide.

Products into cartons

When all the processes have been strictly implemented, all the products can be packed into cartons according to the arrangement. Warehouse personnel will paste the shipping mark on the carton according to the shipping mark provided by the customer. And the salesperson informs the customer that the goods can be shipped.

HONGKE product certificate

HONGK has passed various product certifications and obtained corresponding certificates. Please rest assured to buy our products. With 15 years of production accumulation, HONGKE has gained very rich experience.

Some product molds

Displayed here is a part of HONGKE’s product production abrasives. Some of our past customers also have individual needs for product customization. Need to open new mold manufacturing. HONGKE can also meet the needs of customers. Specific details need to contact our sales manager.

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