What kind of pipe is the agricultural irrigation pipe

PVC pipe

PVC pipe has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for the chemical industry. The wall surface of PVC pipe is smooth and the fluid resistance is small. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other pipes. The water pressure resistance, external pressure resistance, and impact resistance of PVC pipes are very high and are suitable for piping projects under various conditions.

Agricultural Pipes Category

1. Micro spray belt

1 The micro-spray belt is used to pass through the water spray and micro-nozzle pressurized scene under the influence of gravity and atmospheric resistance (Influence) and pass through the water outlet of the micro-spray belt. Result of drizzle spray. Micro Spray is a new type of micro-irrigation equipment (equipment), known as “spring spray belt”, “micro spray belt”, “jet belt”, “nozzle pipe” and “porous hose”.

Most of the water outlets of the 2 micro-spray belts are arranged in a multi-space grouping method in a must not preventable interval and a must not preventable rule: 5 crooked holes, 3 directions, 3 horizontal holes, left and right holes Hollow shapes with a diameter of 0.1 to 1.2 mm are drilled and laser drilled respectively with holes such as no holes.

3 purposes (purpose): Vegetable mushroom nursery orchard flowers and plants and plant greenhouse planting crops.

2 drip tapes

(1) Apply the drip irrigation tape to the root of the crop by using a plastic pipe (pe drip irrigation pipe) to make the water pass through the hole or dripper of the capillary with a diameter of about 10mm. Stop watering part (Part). It is a very small dripper or drip belt that passes through the hole of the outlet and the water gradually and uniformly falls on the soil near the roots of the crops. Drip irrigation tape is divided into patch drip irrigation tape with built-in cylindrical drip irrigation tube labyrinth drip irrigation tape and blue track drip irrigation tape.

(2) The mosaic drip irrigation tape is made during the hair control process by dripping the drip irrigation tape and the built-in cylindrical drip irrigation tube into the capillary.

(3) Thin-walled drip irrigation belts are also used to manufacture thin-walled pipes that are welded to drip outlets of various shapes (shapes) decompression channels, such as labyrinth drip irrigation belts and blue track drip irrigation belts.

(4) Use (Use):

1 Used to grow greenhouses and greenhouse crops to increase pests and diseases, save pesticides and improve economic benefits.

2. Watering in the orchard can (Sure) effectively increase yield, improve fruit characteristics and effectively control the growth of weeds.

3. Field crops, cotton, herbs, watermelon, field vegetables, various plantings, development of mechanical mechanics.

4. The cold drop belt can be placed around the ridge for easy manipulation.

pe water supply pipe

The name of the pe pipe is taken from the interface between the polyethylene pipes.

How to choose water pipes for agricultural irrigation systems

Commonly used water pipes include PE, PVC, stainless steel, and copper pipes. 1) Stainless steel and copper pipes are rarely used in irrigation systems due to cost reasons, except for special requirements

2) The most common PE hot-melt PE used in irrigation systems has a long life

3) PVC is glued for a long time and will be brittle. Generally, it is not recommended to use it.


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