A Comprehensive Guide to Valve Classifications and Expressions

Valves play a crucial role in controlling the flow of fluids in various industrial processes. Understanding the different types of valves and their classifications is essential for efficient operation and maintenance. In this guide, we will delve into the classifications of valves based on their functions and explore common valve expressions used in the industry.

Valve Classifications:

Valves can be categorized into several types based on their purpose and functionality. The common classifications include the following:According to the control method of the valve

1. Control Method:

Valves can be divided into manual valves and electric valves. Manual valves are operated manually to regulate the opening and closing of the valve, while electric valves utilize electric motors for the same function.

2. Operating Principles:

Valves can be classified as fully closed valves, semi-closed valves, and emergency valves. Fully closed valves refer to valves that are completely shut, semi-closed valves partially restrict the flow, and emergency valves are designed for use in critical situations.

3. Application:

Valves are categorized as general valves, special valves, and high-temperature valves. General valves are used for standard fluid control, special valves are designed for specific fluids or environments, and high-temperature valves can withstand elevated fluid pressure.

4. Material Composition:

Valves can be classified as metal valves, plastic valves, and composite material valves based on their construction materials. Metal valves are commonly used for durability, plastic valves are preferred for corrosion resistance, and composite material valves offer a blend of properties for specific applications.

Valve Expressions:

In the valve industry, abbreviations are commonly used to denote different valve types. Understanding these expressions is essential for effective communication and identification of valves. Referring to the diagram below, various valve model abbreviations are displayed for quick reference.

Correspondence chart of abbreviations for each valve type


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