Use PVC pipe Fittings to DIY a Fish Water Filter Tank

Experience Feelings

Advantage part: is that it is very powerful in terms of physical filtration, and can also achieve effective dry and wet separation and trickle culture;

Disadvantages: are that it is easy to produce loud bubble noise when launching the water and overflow when the flow rate is too large, but these can still be solved by installing other accessories.

Production process and experience:

It has an overall filtration shape because it has an external water pump.
A loose joint is left at the water supply on the first floor for easy disassembly. It is recommended that a ball valve be installed at the drain on the lower floor to help regulate the water flow and reduce the sound of drainage.

PVC ball valve to make filtered water tank

Regarding the production of the upper water outlet device, just use a combination of PVC tee + PVC elbow + PVC fittings.

Use an electric drill to drill the water outlet hole first; you need to lay white cotton + magic carpet + biochemical cotton + water blocking products. The usage of the above products can be added according to your actual situation. Don’t put too much bytheway; leave an overflow pipe in the corner.

PVC ball valve to make filtered water tank

The water outlet device is made of tee + PVC pipe, which can absorb bottom water and prevent stagnant water areas, and is surrounded by filter materials.
In addition, a water-blocking product was laid on it to reduce the sound of dripping water. It is also possible to put biochemical cotton on it, but it may be easily blocked.

PVC ball valve to make filtered water tank

An external water pump is used to load and drain water. A union is used at the water inlet for later disassembly and cleaning. A section of hose is used at the water supply to facilitate later maintenance. Of course, a ball valve for water control is a must.

PVC ball valve to make filtered water tank

1. There is no doubt about the filtration effect, including washing and changing cotton, which is very convenient.
2. There will still be sound from entering the water, but it should be as small as possible.
3. Pay attention to the overflow. The water flow rate and the water outlet of the ball valve must be adjusted appropriately.


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