The Unimaginable Truth About Plastic Ball Valves: Lifespan

Plastic core ball valves and all-plastic ball valves are widely used in various industries due to their stable structure, strong shut-off ability, and excellent sealing properties, making them suitable for high pressure, high temperature, and large diameter pipelines. However, the internal structure of these valves is complex, leading to higher manufacturing costs. The typical lifespan of a steel core ball valve is around 5 years, but harsh operating environments with a high concentration of fine particles can accelerate wear and decrease the valve’s lifespan. Additionally, the multi-level sealing structure of steel core ball valves makes them prone to leakage, impacting their overall lifespan.

On the other hand, all-plastic ball valves, constructed from plastic materials, offer advantages such as corrosion resistance, no pollution, wear resistance, and aging resistance. These valves are extensively used in industries like chemical and wastewater treatment due to their longevity. As they are immune to corrosion from the media, the lifespan of all-plastic ball valves can exceed 20 years under normal operating conditions.

When selecting a ball valve, it is crucial to consider the specific operational requirements and environmental conditions. For processes involving corrosive media, all-plastic ball valves are recommended, while high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines may require steel core ball valves. The choice between the two types of valves should be made based on the particular circumstances to achieve optimal performance.

There is a significant difference in lifespan between steel core ball valves and all-plastic ball valves. Generally, the lifespan of all-plastic ball valves is longer than that of steel core ball valves. Therefore, selecting the appropriate material and structural type of ball valve according to the specific conditions is essential to achieve the best operational performance.

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