What is the difference between PVC valves and PP valves?

PP water supply valve:

  1. Compact and beautiful appearance structure
  2. Light weight of the body is easy to install
  3. Strong corrosion resistance, wide range of applications
  4. Hygienic and non-toxic material
  5. Wear-resistant, easy to disassemble, simple and easy to maintain.

PVC water supply valve.

1 、 Corrosion resistance: PVC plastic valve acid and alkali resistance than the general cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe, will not rust scaling.

2, low fluid resistance: plastic valve pipe pipe wall is smooth and does not adhere to scale.

3, mechanical strength: plastic valves have good resistance to water pressure, impact resistance, tensile strength, at room temperature can withstand 110 atmospheric pressure for 1 hour without rupture.

4, health non-toxic: HONGKE plastic valve unique green lead-free formula, will not damage the water quality affect human health.

5, easy to install: plastic valve density is small, light weight, easy to load and unload transport, simple and quick installation.

6, temperature performance: plastic valve UPVC water supply pipe using room temperature range is the best.

7, good Watertightness: 15 minutes after the interface adhesive bonding, bonding strength up to 12.5 / C or more


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