Reasons and advantages of PE farmland irrigation pipe burst

Causes of PE water supply pipe burst

1. Reasons for its own quality: PE water supply pipes are generally black. They are made of PE raw materials and carbon black masterbatch, which covers the color of PE raw materials and is not easy to distinguish from the color. Many manufacturers often use them to reduce costs. A large number of recycled materials will be added, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the pipe itself, a reduction in the flexibility of the pipe, and bursting problems.

2. The design pressure of the pipeline does not match the actual working pressure: the wall thickness of the pipeline can withstand a pressure of 10kg. If the actual water supply pressure is much greater than 10kg, the pipe will burst. Farm irrigation pipe

3. The uneven settlement of the road surface leads to excessive load on the pipeline, which is also one of the reasons for the bursting of the pipeline.

4. During butt joint or socket heat fusion, if the welded joint is not completely fused, the foundation will subside, which will easily cause the tube to burst.

So everyone should know that no matter what the reason is, it is an indisputable fact that the PE water supply pipe burst. The construction unit must respond quickly based on years of experience and the above analysis, find an effective solution, reduce losses, and ensure project quality. , thereby reducing the adverse effects caused by the explosion to a smaller extent.

Advantages of pe farmland irrigation pipes!

1. The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, no rust, no strict requirements on water quality, no accumulation.

2. It has good low-temperature resistance. The temperature range of PE pipe is wide, and it can be used normally at -20 ~ 40.

3. Good wear resistance, as a movable branch pipe, dragging on the ground will not affect the service life of the pipe.

4. Add special additives to prevent rodents such as mice from damaging the buried pipe.

5. The pipe has stable performance and good hygienic performance does not affect water quality and not affect the non-toxic and pollution-free nature of crops.

6. It has excellent anti-aging performance, and its performance can be guaranteed by long-term sunlight or burying.

7. PE farmland irrigation pipes are processed pure natural substances added to agricultural irrigation pipes. During the water delivery process, a variety of nutrients are dissolved to make the water nutritious. Under the conditions of photosynthesis, the crop yield is increased. Nutrient accumulation, providing sufficient nutrients.

8. Mineral elements are added to the mineralized water, such as manganese, which is an activator of amylase, which can promote the decomposition of starch, make seeds germinate and grow, and increase the organic matter and mineral content of crops.


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