Wholesale PVC Cross Fittings 4 WAY 90° SIDE TEE-WS B Supply

  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Sky blue
  • Standard: TIS
  • Main export countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries
  • MOQ: 10 cartons per size
  • Customization: OEM, ODM
  • Supplier: Professional production of pipe fittings, professional OEM factory
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Introducing the meticulously engineered 18(1/2″) 4-Way 90° Side Tee-WS B plumbing fitting that sets the benchmark for quality and durability. Ideal for various plumbing systems in industrial facilities, this fitting guarantees a secure and leak-free connection, ensuring superior performance.

Featuring a unique 4-way design and a 90° angle, the side tee facilitates hassle-free branching of pipes in different directions, providing flexibility in plumbing layouts. This product maximizes space utilization, promotes efficient flow management, and is a top choice for enhancing plumbing systems in industrial settings.

Designed for easy installation and compatibility with standard fittings, the 18(1/2″) 4-Way 90° Side Tee-WS B simplifies the setup process. Its standardized dimensions enable seamless integration into diverse plumbing configurations commonly seen in factories.

Product Highlights:

– Product Name: 18(1/2″) 4-Way 90° Side Tee-WS B

– Compliance: Industry standards compliant

– Packaging: 80 units per carton (CTN)

– CBM (Cubic Meter): 0.021 per CTN

– MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 10 cartons

– Samples: Free samples available

– Services: OEM & ODM services offered

Whether you need plumbing solutions for your factory or warehouse, the 18(1/2″) 4-Way 90° Side Tee-WS B is your go-to option. Enjoy its reliable performance, adherence to standards, and the added convenience of OEM and ODM services. Reach out now to place your order and elevate the plumbing efficiency in your industrial space.


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