• MOQ: 1 carton per size
  • color: blue
  • Size: DN18-DN100 (1/2” – 4”)
  • Unit: Piece
  • Standard: TIS 17-2532
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The PVC Blue TIS PIPE CLIP-WS B is a product designed for the installation and support of PVC pipes. It is a pipe clip or pipe clamp that provides a secure and stable fastening method for PVC pipes. The clip is specifically designed to fit pipes with sizes ranging from DN18 to DN100 (1/2” to 4”) according to the TIS 17-2532 standard.

This PVC pipe clip is manufactured in a blue color, which allows for easy identification and differentiation from other types of clips or clamps. The blue color is commonly used to indicate that the clip is suitable for use with PVC pipes.

The supply of the PVC Blue TIS PIPE CLIP-WS B typically comes in units of pieces, and there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement of one carton for each size. This means that when purchasing this product, customers are required to order at least one carton containing the desired quantity of clips for each size they need.

Overall, the PVC Blue TIS PIPE CLIP-WS B is a reliable and convenient solution for securing PVC pipes in various plumbing and construction applications. Its adherence to the TIS 17-2532 standard ensures its compatibility and suitability for use with PVC pipes of different sizes.

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