PVC Dark Gray single ball valve Supply

  • Connection form: socket/thread
  • Nominal diameter: 110 (mm)
  • Structural form: ball valve
  • Applicable medium: water
  • Pressure environment: 8kgs
  • Working temperature: room temperature
  • Flow direction: two-way
  • MOQ: 2000 pieces
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The Dark Gray PVC Single Union Ball Valve is a high-quality, durable valve designed for use in water applications. It has a socket/thread connection form and a nominal diameter of 110mm, making it suitable for a wide range of plumbing systems.

This ball valve has a simple, yet effective design that allows for easy operation and maintenance. It is made from high-quality PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals, ensuring a long service life.

The Dark Gray PVC Single Union Ball Valve is a two-way valve, allowing for flow in both directions. It is designed to operate under a pressure environment of up to 8kgs and can withstand working temperatures of room temperature.

The valve features a single union design, making it easy to install and remove without the need for complex plumbing. It is available in a dark gray color, providing a sleek and modern look that complements any plumbing system.

With a minimum order quantity of 2000 pieces, the Dark Gray PVC Single Union Ball Valve is an excellent choice for large plumbing projects. It is a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient solution for controlling water flow in a wide range of applications.

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