PVC Bathroom Faucet Easy Installation Plastic Taps China Supplier

  • Material: plastic PVC
  • Size: 3/4; 1/2
  • Type: bathroom faucet
  • made in China
  • Sales type: Wholesale & Customization
  • MOQ: 3000 pieces per size
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Introducing our PVC bathroom faucet, designed with cutting-edge features to enhance your bathroom experience.

Main Features:

1. Suitable for water temperatures between 1°C and 45°C, ensuring comfort and safety.

2. Equipped with a stainless steel nozzle, it can be easily matched with a variety of connectors for convenient installation.

3. Designed as a booster faucet, it provides a steady flow of water.

4. The operating pressure is less than or equal to 1.0 MPa, ensuring durability and reliability.

Installation Instructions:

1. Before installation, please flush the pipe to remove any impurities or sediments.

2. Wrap an appropriate amount of sealing tape around the threaded end of the faucet to adjust its angle.

3. Remove the outlet of the washing machine before installation to prevent damage.

4. Open the pipe valve and check if the threaded connection is leaking to ensure a successful installation.

Provided by HONGKE factory, buyers and wholesalers from all over the world are welcome to inquire us, we will provide you with quality products at very competitive prices.

We provide you with free samples, and OEM services.

But we do not provide retail services.


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