Flexible and Expandable Drain Pipe Tubes Supply

Flexible and Expandable Drain Pipe Plastic material Wholesale

  • Color available: white, gray
  • Packing: 100 pieces/box
  • Min. MOQ: 1000 pieces
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product information:

Material: PVC
Uses: kitchen & bathroom sink sewer drain washbasin extension pipe

1. Good deodorant effect
2. The inner wall of the pipe fitting is smooth and the underwater flow speed is fast
3. Can be extended to the best position
4. Easy to install and easy to operate

Method of purchase:

Trade method: We only provide wholesale and customization, not retail products, and samples can be sent for free

Quotation method: We accept FOB Ningbo, FOB Guangzhou price, CIF price & factory price

Packaging method: customized packaging is available, and the customized quantity needs to be reached; default product packaging

Contact information:
Contact us to get the latest product quotations and the most detailed product information, product brochures, etc.

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