CPVC Tank Nipple ASTM D2846 Factory

  • Product Type: Pipe Fittings
  • Product material: CPVC
  • Product tube thickness: 2.77MM
  • Product wall thickness: 3.0
  • Special features: corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance
  • Executive standard: ASTM D2846
  • MOQ: 5000 pieces
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Product Description

Scope of application:

1. Industrial and liquid pipeline systems (metal treatment, electroplating factories, acid and alkali liquid transportation in pharmaceutical and oil refineries, bleaching, dyeing and acid and alkali liquid pipelines in textile mills and tanneries, wastewater treatment in mines, metallurgical factories, etc., factories Water supply, distribution, and cooling water piping systems
2. Food processing (dairy products, canning and beverage piping systems, freshwater and seawater deployment systems for fish farms, etc.)
3. Pulp and paper (aluminum and caustic piping systems, piping systems in chloralkali plants, etc.)
4. Water supply and sewage treatment (chlorine injection system aluminum chloride and ferric chloride liquid flow pipeline sedimentation tank and filtration pipeline, recycling water treatment pipeline)
5. General use occasions (swimming pool and hot spring pipelines, garbage dump methane recovery pipelines, groundwater drainage systems, drinking water distribution pipeline systems)

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