CPVC 45 DEGELBOW Manufacture

CODO CPVC LISO 1/2 X 45 DEGELBOW  Manufacture

  • Material: CPVC 45 DEGELBOW
  • Size: 1/2″-2″
  • Standard: ASTM D2646
  • MOQ:2000 pieces
  • Supplier: Zhejiang China Factory
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Product Description:

Product Material:

The CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is an essential plumbing fitting used to connect two pipes at an angle of 45 degrees. Made from high-quality CPVC material, this elbow offers excellent performance and durability for a wide range of plumbing applications.

Product Color:

One of the standout features of this CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is its color. It is available in a pale yellow or off-white shade, which is a result of the manufacturing process of the material. This color also makes it easy to identify and match with other plumbing fittings and pipes.

Product Temperature Resistance:

The CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is designed to withstand a range of temperatures. It has a long-term working temperature of -10 to 95℃, making it ideal for use in both hot and cold water systems. Additionally, it has a short-term high-temperature resistance of up to 110℃, making it suitable for use in systems with occasional high-temperature requirements.

Product Pressure Resistance Level.:

In terms of pressure resistance, the CPVC 45-degree elbow is capable of withstanding a pressure of up to PN16 (16kg). This makes it ideal for use in high-pressure applications such as water supply and distribution systems.

Product Connection Method:

The CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is easy to install and requires no special tools or expertise. It uses CPVC special glue for a secure and leak-proof joint. The fitting is designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting connection between pipes, minimizing the risk of leaks and other issues.

Product Standards:

The CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is manufactured to the highest standards, with compliance with ASTM D2846 specifications. This ensures that it meets the quality and performance requirements necessary for use in plumbing systems.

In summary, the CPVC 45 DEGELBOW is an excellent choice for a wide range of plumbing applications. Its features such as its pressure resistance, and ease of installation make it a reliable and durable fitting that can provide a long-lasting connection between pipes. Additionally, its compliance with ASTM D2846 specifications ensures that it meets the necessary quality and performance standards required for plumbing fittings.

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