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Pipe fittings are components used to connect and redirect pipes in plumbing and fluid conveyance systems. Here are brief descriptions of various types:

1. **PVC Fittings (NBR5640):** These fittings are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and adhere to the NBR5640 standard, ensuring compatibility and performance in plumbing applications.

2. **PP Compression Fittings:** Compression fittings for polypropylene (PP) pipes provide a secure and leak-resistant connection. They are commonly used for quick and easy installations.

3. **PVC Fittings PN 16:** Designed to withstand a pressure rating of PN 16 (16 bar), these PVC fittings are suitable for applications that require higher pressure resistance.

4. **PVC Threaded Fittings:** These fittings feature threaded connections for easy installation. They are commonly used in applications where a secure and tight connection is essential.

5. **PVC WBS Fittings 13.5:** Fittings conforming to the WBS 13.5 standard. WBS stands for “Water Bylaws Scheme,” and these fittings meet specific regulations related to water supply.

6. **PVC Fittings DIN:** These fittings adhere to the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standards, ensuring compatibility and conformity to German industrial norms.

7. **CPVC Fittings (ASTM D2846):** Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) fittings comply with the ASTM D2846 standard, making them suitable for hot and cold water distribution systems.

8. **PVC Sch40 Fittings (ASTM D2466):** Sch40 (Schedule 40) PVC fittings conform to the ASTM D2466 standard, indicating their compatibility with Schedule 40 PVC pipes commonly used in plumbing applications.

These fittings cater to diverse needs in plumbing and fluid transport, providing a range of materials and standards to ensure compatibility and performance.

CPVC fittings

Standard: ASTM D2846
Size: 1/2-2 inch
Features: hot and cold water

CPVC fittings

PVC SCH40 Fittings

Standard: SCH 40 ASTM D2466
Size: 1/2″-4″
Main export markets: South America

PVC fittings (NBR5648)

Standard: NBR 5648
Size: 20mm-110mm
Main export market: Africa, Nigeria

pvc fittings nbr5648

PVC WSB Fittings (13.5)

Standard: TIS 1131-2535
Size: 1/2″-2″
Main export markets: Southeast Asia

PVC Fittings (DIN)

Standard & Pressure: DIN; PN10
Size: 20mm-315mm
Main export markets: Philippines; Southeast Asia

PVC fittings(PN16)

Pressure: PN16
Size: 20mm-110mm
Main export markets: Middle East; Africa

Dark gray PVC fittings

PP Compression fittings

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pvc threade fittings

Pressure: PN16
Size: 1/2″-4″
Main export markets: Africa; Nigeria

HONGKE Advantage

HONGKE PVC Fittings manufacturer will offer you these advantages.


OEM services

HONGKE has development and design capabilities to customize product and packaging designs according to customers' specific requirements.


Fast delivery

Have dozens of complete production lines to control the production process, shorten delivery time and ensure better quality of PVC fittings


price advantage

Mass production of pvc fittings, thereby reducing unit production costs. This can make the PVC fittings you purchase more competitive in the market.


With 15 years of manufacturing expertise, HONGKE Fittings boasts numerous production lines and excels in OEM orders. Our profound product experience spans Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East, navigating market standards, popular sizes, and import requirements.




The total number of people exceeds 50


So far, HONGKE has carried out OEM cooperation with more than 300 customers.

sample room

Welcome to the Hongke sample room, where the excellent quality of PVC accessories is showcased. Our thoughtfully designed space allows you to take a peek at the wide range of PVC pipe fittings we produce. The samples on display represent only a small part of our extensive product line. HONGKE has a wide range of plastic pipe fittings, valves, and faucets. We also welcome you to visit our offices and factories.

HONGKE sample room



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Yes, we can provide free samples.

We support TT, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, WeChat, and other payment methods,
30% is required as a deposit in advance, and the remaining 70% is paid before shipment.

Usually 7-15 days, it depends on the style and factory order status

MOQ for fittings is 10 boxes; usually not pre-stocked

Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port

Of course, you need to call in advance. Our contact information can be found everywhere on the website for your convenience.

Of course, if your purchase reaches our MOQ, you can place an order with us.

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