How to distinguish between PVC and PPR water pipes?

1, the color is different. As the PPR pipe toughness is better, excellent quality PPR pipe appearance color bright, the poor texture is cloudy color, while most of the PVC pipe milky white, and glossy surface, but the cross-section is not polished, the material wants to be more brittle.

2, the wall thickness is different. PPR pipe formally known as random Copolymer polypropylene pipe, is currently the most commonly used in home improvement projects a water supply pipe, with lightweight, has corrosion resistance, long life, and other advantages, because it can be used as both cold water pipe, can also be used as a hot water pipe, and can even be used for pure water, drinking water. water. Because this pipe will not scale, and not like aluminum plastic pipe aging leakage problems, so in general civil and public buildings are very widely used.

3, different raw materials, PPR pipe is mainly made of copolymer polypropylene, so PPR pipe is also known as three types of polypropylene pipe, while PVC is made of PVC materials, two kinds of the pipe due to the main raw materials are different, resulting in different performance characteristics. Because of the raw materials, the installation of PPR pipe is mostly hot fusion, and PVC pipe is mostly glued together.


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