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Welcome to HONGKE Valve Factory, where quality and innovation combine! As an OEM factory that produces PVC ball valves, we are actively seeking strategic partnerships in the booming South American market.

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South America Selected PVC Ball Valve

South America Selected PVC Ball Valve 1inch

PVC Ball Valve Size Details

Picture 1: This picture shows the inner diameter, wall thickness and outer diameter of 2 inches.
Picture 2: This picture shows the diameter of each size from 1/2inch to 2inch
The ball valve standards used in the picture display are ASTM D2466 and D1784 NSF interface

sch40pvc ball valve
sch40 pvc ball valve

PVC Ball Valve Material & Working Process

Picture 1: PVC ball valve uses high-quality PVC material to make the valve body and EPDM material to make O-rings and TPE seats.
Ensure the smooth flow of water.
Picture 2: This picture shows the opening and closing status of the ball valve.

sch40 pvc ball valve.jpg02
SCH40pvc ball valve 02

PVC Ball Valve Applications

PVC ball valves are versatile components widely used for fluid control in piping systems.

Their efficient design allows for seamless on/off control, making them vital for water applications in a variety of industries, including agricultural irrigation.

PVC ball valves are durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of industries.

sch40 pvc ball valve

PVC Ball Valve-Hot Selling Style

Cold Water System Design

1. Specifically designed for cold water pressure distribution systems 2. Suitable for use in residential, commercial, or industrial applications

High-Quality PVC Construction

1. Manufactured using high-quality PVC material for enhanced durability 2. Resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and impact, ensuring a long lifespan 3. Ideal for applications where exposure to water and other fluids is common

Efficient Water Flow Regulation

1. Helps regulate water flow in a line from a trickle to wide open Equipped with a full port ball 2. Operates with a quarter-turn mechanism, providing durability and ease of use

About Suppliers

HONGKE Valve Manufacturer

Factory interior display

PVC ball valve factory show

Cutting-edge facilities, precision machinery, and skilled craftsmanship ensure top-quality valve production. Experience our commitment to excellence firsthand.


HONGKER factory

Our factory ensures top-quality valve production, competitive pricing, and reliable on-time delivery, setting us apart in the industry.

HONGKE PVC Valve Production Process

PVC ball valve production process

We will meticulous material selection, precise injection molding, laser marking, rigorous pressure testing, and meticulous packaging. Each step ensures excellence in every valve.

HONGKE Factory & Office

Client Visit The Factory

Welcome! Explore HONGKE through our introductory video for insights into our factory and offices. For customer perspectives, check out two separate videos to gain a comprehensive understanding of our company.


Since it is a factory, we accept wholesale orders and customized orders, for retail orders, we cannot provide them.

Each size of PVC Ball valve is 4,000 pieces; customization service is required. For specific quantities, the business manager will give you a customization plan.

Our factory is in Pan’an, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China; our office is in Yiwu City.
If you want to visit our factory, please call us in advance

Yes, we provide free samples, but you need to pay the logistics cost

Of course, after you contact us, our sales manager will send you detailed product data based on the products you need.

The Harmonized System (HS) code for PVC ball valves is typically 8481.80.

Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port

TT and LC, please pay 30% deposit first and 70% balance before delivery.

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