Comprehensive Guide to Common PVC Pipe Fittings

When it comes to renovating water systems, you will need more than just pipes. Various types of PVC pipe fittings are essential for connecting, extending, and redirecting water flow. However, customers often make mistakes in choosing the right fittings due to a lack of understanding. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an overview of commonly used PVC pipe fittings, including their functions and considerations for proper usage.

1. Coupling:

Also known as a “socket” or “pipe joint,” couplings are used to extend the length of pipes. They allow for a secure connection between two pipe ends. It is crucial to ensure that the coupling size matches the pipe size when joining two pipes that are not long enough

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2. Elbow:

Elbows are essential for changing the direction of the pipe. Since PVC pipes are typically rigid and straight, elbows provide the flexibility to create bends. Commonly available in 45-degree and 90-degree angles, elbows enable smooth directional changes in water pipelines.

20MM PVC Female Elbow Fittings Brass Construction Blue Factory


3. Female and Male Threads:

Female and male threads are complementary fittings used to connect taps, water meters, and other types of water pipes. In most domestic installations, internal thread fittings (also known as female threads) are commonly used. These fittings ensure a tight and leak-free connection between pipes.

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4. Tee:

Tees are fittings that allow for the connection of three pipes in different directions. They are primarily used when diverting water from a single pipeline to multiple outlets. Tees can be classified as either “equal tee” or “reducing tee,” depending on whether the three branches have the same diameter or different diameters.

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5. End Cap:

End caps are used to temporarily close off an opening in the water system. They are essential during the installation of faucets or fixtures. It is crucial to select the appropriate size of the end cap to match the corresponding fittings.

PVC TIS Fitting End Cap-Ws B

Choosing the right PVC pipe fittings is vital for a successful water system renovation. When purchasing fittings, it is essential to consider factors such as size, material compatibility, and application requirements. By understanding each fitting’s purpose and correctly matching them to your project needs, you can ensure a secure and reliable water pipeline system.

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