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Hongke’s PVC Ball Valves: Versatile Solutions for Southeast Asian Industries

Explore the versatility of Hongke’s PVC ball valves, essential components widely utilized across various sectors in Southeast Asia. Our PVC ball valves excel in the following applications:

Water Pipeline Systems:

Optimal for controlling and regulating water pipelines.
Exceptional resistance to corrosion and chemicals, ensuring a long service life.

Construction Industry:

Ideal for normal-temperature water flow control in applications like cooling systems and air conditioning.
Renowned for their lightweight design and easy installation.
Chemical Industry:

Integral in handling diverse chemical substances and corrosive media within the chemical industry.
Agricultural Field:

Crucial for controlling water flow in agricultural irrigation punctuation and ensuring efficient farmland irrigation.
It’s a fluency area due to its corrosion resistance and low maintenance.
Industrial Manufacturing:

Vital for controlling fluids in industrial manufacturing processes, from processing to transportation on production lines.
Ensures stability and durability, contributing to the seamless operation of production lines.

Discover the Top-Selling PVC Ball Valve in Southeast Asia!


Light-blue PVC Ball Valve Socket Supply

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Material: PVC,
Size; 1/2”-4”,
Color: light blue body, red handle
Standard: Thai standard socket TIS/CNS
Packaging: Color box
PS: The modified model is available in 2 weights, please confirm with our sales manager before placing an order.

PVC blue water supply ball valve

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Material: PVC new material
Material: PVC body, ABS handle, PVC ball center
Dimensions: 1/2”-2”, no 1.1/4”
Color: light blue body, orange handle
Standard: TIS socket
Packaging: color box

Blue UPVC ball valve With Long Handle

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Tips: This style has 2 weights. Please contact us if you need to know the product weight.
Material: PVC new material, light style
Material: PVC body, PP handle, PP ball center
Heavy material: PVC body, PVC handle, PVC ball center
Size; 1/2”-2” Color: light blue body, orange handle
Standard: Thai standard socket
Packaging:.Color box


Light Blue PVC Ball Valve With Green Handle

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Material: PVC new material ABS handle, PVC body, PVC ball center
Size: 1/2”-2”
Color: light blue body, green handle
Standard: Socket TIS/CNS
Packaging: Color box
PS: It has 3 body colors, please pay attention to the following display pictures

Light Blue PVC Ball Valve With Green Handle


Light Gray PVC Two-Piece Ball Valve Made In China

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Material: PVC new material, ABS handle, ABS ball center, PVC body, the ball center can be electroplated
Size; 1/2”-2”,
Color: gray body, red handle
Standard: ASTM socket
PS: The pipes in northern Vietnam are larger than those in the south, so before placing an order, please confirm with us whether the ball valve you are applying to change is located in the south or north of Vietnam; at the same time, we can also do it for both north and south.
Packaging: Color box

PVC Gray Water Supply Ball Valve Manufacturer

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Material: PVC new material PVC body, PP handle, pp ball center
Size; 1/2”-2”,
Color: gray body, orange handle
Standard: ASTM socket
Packaging: Color box

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