Are Steel Core Ball Valves Prone to Rusting?

Steel core plastic ball valve:

In appearance, the thickness of the steel core plastic ball valve is obviously thicker than that of ordinary ball valves, but the ball valve body is still made of plastic and the ball valve core is made of steel.

Material characteristics of steel core plastic ball valve:

The ball and stem of steel core ball valves are generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials, and the surface is polished to make it smooth, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant and wear-resistant, with good sealing performance.

Are steel core ball valves prone to rust?

Generally speaking, steel core ball valves are not prone to rust. The main materials, stainless steel and carbon steel, have good corrosion resistance and are not easily oxidized.

In addition, the surface of the steel core ball valve has undergone a surface treatment process to make it smooth and enhance corrosion resistance and rust prevention.

However, with long-term use, the surface of the ball valve may be slightly worn or scratched due to environmental factors, media, etc., leading to accumulation of dirt, affecting the appearance, and possibly causing rust. In this case, the steel core ball valve must be maintained and repaired regularly, and surface dirt must be removed in time to prevent rust.

The reason why steel core plastic ball valves are rust-proof is because they use corrosion-resistant materials and surface treatments. Proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary to prevent any potential rust problems from occurring. Remember, prevention is the key to maintaining steel core ball valve life and efficiency.

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