A Comprehensive Guide to PE Fittings: Types and Applications

PE fittings play a crucial role in various piping systems, with three main types available: PE hot melt socket fittings, PE hot melt butt fusion fittings, and PE electrofusion socket fittings. Each type serves a specific purpose and offers unique advantages in different applications. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of each type of PE fitting, highlighting their suitable specifications, connection characteristics, and applications.

1. PE Hot Melt Socket Fittings:

PE socket fittings have a slightly smaller inner diameter than the outer diameter of the pipe, and they are connected using a hot melt machine.

– Suitable Specifications:

These fittings are primarily used for small-diameter pipes below outer diameter 63, with the maximum specification reaching outer diameter 110 pipes.

– Connection Characteristics:

Socket connections are preferred for small-sized fittings with thin walls that are not suitable for hot melt butt fusion. During welding, one end of the pipe is inserted into the socket of the fitting, and the welding process is carried out seamlessly.

2. PE Hot Melt Butt Fusion Fittings:

PE butt fusion fittings have the same diameter as the pipe and are connected using a hot melt butt fusion machine.

3. PE Electrofusion Socket Fittings:

PE electrofusion socket fittings have an inner diameter equal to the outer diameter of the pipe. The connection involves inserting the pipe into the fitting and using an electrofusion welding machine for fusion.

– Application Range:

These fittings are commonly used in HDPE wire skeleton composite pipes and HDPE solid-wall drainage pipes.

– Fitting Characteristics:

Electrofusion fittings offer high reliability and efficiency in connections, with minimal susceptibility to external environmental and human factors during construction. However, compared to hot melt butt fusion, the use of additional fittings in electrofusion welding is generally considered to increase costs.

Understanding the different types of PE fittings and their applications is essential for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of piping systems. By selecting the right PE fitting based on specifications and requirements, users can effectively enhance the integrity and functionality of their pipelines.

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