A Closer Look At Household Plastic Faucets

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Faucets are something we use in our daily lives. They can be used to control water usage, help us not waste water, and are a good helper in saving water.

There are many types of faucets now, including stainless steel, plastic, and semi-automatic faucets used in the kitchen. So let’s learn about the knowledge points of plastic faucets through this article.

Basic Information About Faucets

Plastic faucets are generally made of PVC, ABS, PP, and other raw materials through the mass production of molds. They have the characteristics of rich colors, beautiful appearance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, non-toxic and odorless.

As a new environmentally friendly product, plastic faucets are light, scale-free, rust-free, odorless, cheap, and easy to construct. They are widely used in construction, industry, agriculture, chemical, and other industries as well as household kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc.

Advantages Of Plastic Faucets

  1. Traditional iron faucets are prone to rust and leakage after being used for a long time, while plastic faucets completely avoid these problems, and have also been promoted by water resources management units, so plastic faucets are also now A more commonly used faucet.
  2. At the same time, plastic faucets are also very decorative. They use valves and switches of different colors and add decorative rings. This makes plastic faucets not only have practical value but also have decorative value.
  3. The plastic faucet itself is also very light in weight, very simple and convenient, and the price is also very cheap, and it has been widely used in many places.
  4. Plastic faucets also have very good insulation and heat insulation properties, and will not deform. Their toughness is also relatively good, and they are very strong and durable.

Are Plastic Faucets Toxic?

The raw materials used in faucets on the market today are generally ABS plastic. ABS plastic is an emerging material that combines various properties of PS, SAN, and BS materials, has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, hardness, and rigidity, and is non-toxic. Odorless and has excellent chemical properties as well as electrical insulation properties.

Therefore, ABS plastic faucets are non-toxic, very good environmentally friendly, and safe products, and are widely used in life, so consumers do not have to worry when using plastic faucets.

How To Choose Plastic Faucets

Make a good price comparison

Compared with traditional copper faucets and stainless steel faucets, plastic faucets are much cheaper in price, usually only a few dozen yuan at most. The price is related to the brand, product quality, and materials used.

Therefore, when purchasing plastic faucets, do not buy ones that are too cheap. Make comparisons and choose products with moderate prices and higher cost performance.

Look at environmental protection

Good products are very environmentally friendly, and the water released will not smell. However, some unscrupulous businesses will reduce costs in order to make money and use substandard materials in their products, which makes plastic faucet products harmful. substance.

Therefore, when consumers purchase faucet products, they must first check whether the product is produced by a regular brand manufacturer, and secondly, look at the quality and service of the product.

Look at the product surface

When purchasing a faucet, you should also look at the surface of the product. Good quality products will have a flat and smooth surface and will not have a plastic smell. You can also put it to your nose and smell it when purchasing. If there is a strong plastic smell, , then the quality must be bad

Therefore, consumers must pay special attention when choosing plastic faucets. It is best not to choose low-priced products. They must consider branded products, which are relatively more secure. You must know the quality of good faucet brands. Both the after-sales and after-sales aspects are relatively secure.


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